Private training & coaching


Who is it for?

Adults - professionals or in transition who wish to have total flexibility regarding content and scheduling.


Open to all levels

Pre-diagnostic of level and needs organized by Grant & Bates


Online anywhere (Teams, Zoom…) or on your company premises in France

Duration - totally customizable

10 hours over 6 months maximum

20 hours over 12 months maximum

30 hours over 12 months maximum

Training Objectives

Improve general language skills and professional language skills.

  • Express yourself with ease, fluency and sponteneity

  • Acquire efficient and adapted communication tools.

  • Address specific issues for the trainee's professional needs.

  • Gain confidence to be more efficient and pertinent in all types of situations.

Competency goals
  • Express yourself clearly both orally and in writing for daily professionnel needs

  • Understand both oral and written communication for daily professional needs.

shallow focus photo of woman in gray jacket
shallow focus photo of woman in gray jacket